Labor and Workers’ Rights

We must double the minimum wage and enhance workers’ rights, and work toward the creation of programs that involve public and private capital, to increase the livelihood of workers and the sustainability of business. We must commit to ensuring that corporate social obligations and responsibilities are met.

I oppose any effort to repeal collective bargaining.

Creating sustainable, fair wage jobs is my number one priority.


The arts and humanities are as vital to a healthy state, as are math and science.

We must protect education funding for public schools and invest in libraries, colleges, the university system and other novel institutions of learning and intellectual development.

Our goal is to make America  a critically, philosophically, scientifically and interculturally literate nation, among world nations.

Public Health/Health Care

We must work toward making quality health care available and affordable for every citizen, regardless of income. Public health is among our top priorities. The Affordable Care Act is one baby step in that general direction, but there’s so much more we can and must do to ensure adequate, affordable coverage for all of America.

As an informed citizen candidate who has gone through the learning, effort and certification to earn an undergraduate baccalaureate degree in Molecular and Microbiology, along with a master’s degree and doctorate in other fields, I am happy to say that I support the efforts of the physician community. Further, I agree with physicians who see corporate overreach and government interference in patient care and medical practice. One such of example of this is the severely misguided policy of corporate management and profiteering in the physician certification and licensure process. I will work with the physican community to pursue a resolution that puts to rest the concerns of physicians in this regard and I fully support the efforts of

I believe America should take a stand in favor of GMO disclosure by labeling foods that have been genetically modified.


I advocate strong environmental protections, such as pollution reductions and coastal conservation. I oppose new oil-drilling in Florida waters.

I advocate robust solar technology research and development as the cornerstone of America’s energy policy.

I believe our lands, oceans and shores are precious assets that should be protected from irresponsible over-development, and species devastation.

Social Justice/Civil Rights/ Marriage Equality

I am pro-choice/pro-marriage equality.

Space and Natural Science

Our space and natural science research should play a larger part in the world science community, and we should cultivate and invest in such endeavor.

Wall Street

Wall Street must return its fiscal and monetary favors to Main Street. I advocate the creation of a federal Public Trust, where 10% of all tradable financial instruments are held and traded in the name of the people. The profits of the Public Trust are to be invested in Main Street.


We cannot be a country that separates basic rights from human beings, from one person to the next, based on ‘legal status.’ I support a a fair and reasonable path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrant adults and children in the United States.

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  1. John Gunlogson says:

    I believe medicare for all to be more fair and equitable. Would you support single-payer, national health care?

    • Administrator says:

      Yes, I absolutely agree. My only point is that whatever system we implement, it must provide universal care, regardless of income. Obama’s plan is a small step in that direction, but falls inconceivably short of the mark of universal care, regardless of income. Medicare for all, or another single-payer system, would certainly be the fairest way to implement universal care of this kind.

      • Diane says:

        I like every part of your platform Nick. I voted for you in the Primary Election. Sadly, Mica won again. He has held the FL District seat way too long-on his way to 22 long years.

        In response to the health care discussion. I prefer a single payer system, and agree with you that everyone must be covered. No one should be without. And yes, President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is in the right direction, and may not be everything it should be. But without compromise we would have nothing. What is happening right now in Congress by John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republicans is to chip away at the best of what we have established years ago. The Democrats should be asking for everything. I do not mind paying a little more for our basic needs: health, education and security. It should be the largest part of what our government spends. I will vote for you again in 2014.

  2. Katy McBride says:

    I like what you support! I think we should focus more on Medicaid rather than just Medicare here in Florida. Why was I able to Medicaid in KY but not in FL? Bring Medicaid to Florida! Like my page! :-)

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