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an international and interdisciplinary journal of postmodern cultural sound, text and image

Volume 19, Spring 2022, ISSN 1552-5112



A Description of Chaos et al.



Margot Audrey Block





A Description of Chaos

when desperation lingers everywhere

on your tongue and on your mind

to cry out at midnight

after the precious deadline to your horror

for I knew it would come

when there is a new word to express

your dark mind higher intelligence

stories your bared into my blood red heart of blue

to say I should have been there one hundred percent

my favorite cliché bleeding truth

so I refuel my dark recess my darkness

like I catchphrase for what is not perfectly clean

as I pray for you in still time

there is no democracy no justice

only stilted movements as I travel to Nicaragua

the shape of a foreign name on beige lips

war caught by my or his fingertips

like telltale forgotten evidence

spun out of control

as a sacred path remains

as passion was lifted from my skin

I shake with your memory

tears have risen from your surfaces



A First Time for Death

the black sands

a memory

a machine gun

an explosion

they call this virgin territory

like the dangerous side of the moon


surprised exposed

the silent ripples in the sands

the beautiful that fades into a horizon

that repeats itself at sunset

while his hands keep secrets



A Kind of Poetry

you asked me to write you one last poem

one that was on the horizon of dreams

the kind I was birthed into

a poem that licks itself around the brain

screaming not apathy but careful attention

there I recall echoes of my childhood and youth

there a terse shoulder line

there a critical memory

among all the others

tensions that crawl carefully up my soul

like it was purely a physical measurement

speaking of the stone in my soup

as if I was ever hungrier

not a lovemaking but a mark on the world



A Letter to My Poem, Yourself

when you said that to me

it was the March before you wrote your novel

and I devoured it, I remembered almost every word

like little bits and pieces shoved into your memory

she was breathing in that long lifespan of emptiness

shedding more than a tear

it was from phrase to catch to darling

that you spoke to me before you died

that you called me bliss

declared that I would be the one

you whispered beware of Narnia

something thin I recalled



A Little Love

emotion has come to bring me to home

after a long run

whatever has been

a shifting heart faithless

separating string from string

as loneliness was a hard edge to pull

stopping sidewalks and dreams

where a ghost was saying

learn from me

whisper to me of one heartache

that written in the margins

you were there

your brave heart leaping bounds

what can I really say to you now

that will meet the passions at the bridge

where you sold the soul for a little love





an international and interdisciplinary journal of postmodern cultural sound, text and image

 Volume 19, Spring 2022, ISSN 1552-5112