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Andy Warhol: Sublime Superficiality

Michael Angelo Tata

ISBN-13: 978-0-9789902-3-7
art theory/philosophy

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Release Date: October 2010


United States

"In his incisive work, Michael Angelo Tata does something like real, complex justice to the implications of Warhol's life and thought. I think you'll find that a really remarkable voice emerges from Tata's writing. If Judge Judy read Hegel!" ~ Eve Sedgwick

"Tata renders Warhol philosophically anew - and that is no small feat among the seriality of Warholia."~ Nicholas Ruiz III

"To whomever Michael Angelo Tata might have applied his literary brilliance, the result would have been dazzling. In this, I was the fortunate target. There is not a writing I am aware of that comes as close as his to a creditable analysis of The Transfiguration of the Commonplace. His own thesis in the curiously titled Andy Warhol, Sublime Superficiality, has been missed by everyone who has written about Warhol. The book is full of wit and learning, and deserves to be read by humanists everywhere." ~ Arthur C. Danto, Johnsonian Professor Emeritus, Columbia University


Product Description
My idea is that the Romantic notion of the sublime reaches its apex and terminus in Warhol, whose greatest contribution to the tradition of aesthetics has been not so much his ending of art but instead his invention of the postmodern or “POMO” sublime as the outpost and outer limit of sublimity.

About the Author
Michael Angelo Tata's essays appear in the recent collections Literature of New York and Passage to Manhattan: Critical Essays on Meena Alexander, and his work on Daniel Paul Schreber is included in the anthology Neurology and Modernity.





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