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Baudrillard's Castle

Baudrillard's Castle: Notes from the Hinterland

by Nick Ruiz, Ph.D

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ISBN-13: 978-0-9789902-8-2

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Release Date: 2022

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Product Description
"There is no plan of destiny, only the play of fatality in God's casino." A treatise in the spirit of Jean Baudrillard, which further develops myriad aspects of his work, including the 'Cool Memories' series.  Engages many concepts and disciplines including the philosophy of extreme phenomena, simulation, postmodernity, art, cultural theory and criticism.

About the Author
Nick Ruiz, Ph.D was born in New York City in 1970. He has edited one book on Andy Warhol and three books on Jean Baudrillard, including Jean Baudrillard: The Poetics of Radicality by Gerry Coulter. He is the author of The Metaphysics of Capital, America in Absentia, and most recently, Integral Reality (with Robert Hassan). Ruiz's first record album is Au.ral, and his second album, released in 2020 is Funny, How Secrets Travel. He is also the editor of Kritikos, and a professor of philosophy and humanities.